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In this place we offer engraved dog tags. These dog tags are made by the method of impact engraving. Multiple impact of the needle leaves unique image on the surface of the dog tag. Dog tags that are used for engraving are made of high quality materials, dog tags are plated with precious metals like rhodium and gold.  In contrast to military dog tags, engraved dog tags clearly represent jewelry pendants. They are perfect gift for beloved person.

Dog tags may be personalised with any desired text.

Dog tag steel with glossy surface (nickel) with a chain. We lasting engraving. The price includes engraving-sided. To order a two-sided engraving select the appropriate option.

Modern, dog tag. For dog tag, you can engrave a personal text. Made of stainless steel. Product hypoallergenic alternative for people with allergies, does not release nickel compounds, does not darken and will not rust. With the latest collection.



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I offer Rhodium-plated DogTag.Rhodium is a chemical element that is a rare, silvery-w...
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