Dog Tags - Uses


Dog Tag

Element of military system of identification for soldiers in case of their wound or death.  Soldier wears them on a chain by neck. In US authentic military dog tags contain the following data: surname, first name, insurance number, blood type and religion.

When one hundred ago US army has introduced dog tags for use, nobody believed that these simple plates will gain such massive popularity. Nowadays dog tags are used in almost every army around the world and even in other military units. However their popularity has gone outside of army. They become popular element of civil outfits, not necessarily connected with army.

Dog tags are worn by many people who do not have any military interests. They are worn by celebrities as well as ordinary people, who wish to look fabulous and stand out of crowd.

They are also used from medical purpose, as medical alert. Such tags can save somebody’s life, if for example they contain information that unconscious person is allergic to penicillin.

 Dog tags can also make great advertisement. They are commonly used for stag do as memory of unforgettable moments ...

Dog tags are versatile. You can use them as collateral for a medical giving blood type and number to the next. Warning about allergies to medications or, for example, diabetic patients with Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, or other important information about your health that may save your life. They may contain a declaration of intent - a declaration of downloading the authorities in case of death. Dog tags are perfect for school trips also the youngest - a badge we pin the baby in the backpack or clothing, a badge on a long chain child is wearing. These plaques contain the child's name and phone calls to caregivers. It may also be marking luggage, keys, tools, fishing equipment. Badge pinned to the collar of your pet will help him return home. Dog tags are also useful and lasting memento of integration trips, concerts, trips, summer camps, camps, hiking, rafting, trekking and other tourist excursions. Dog tags can connect people with the same interests - a group of scouts, paintball, sports clubs, marathon runners, fan clubs. Caring mothers, wives of soldiers, police officers, firefighters, rescue workers, drivers, bikers and guys who like adrenalin can use this immortal as unique and practical gift. ;)